3% €100
5% €250
10% €500

Discount system

Discount system and volume discounts

We have introduced a simple and more transparent discount system especially for our online shop.

How you benefit:

Eligible product categories:
This discount offer is currently valid for all products available in our store.

Discount information:
The discount system applies to products sold both individually and in packs of 100. A product sold in a pack of 100 counts as a single item.

3% discount 5% discount 10% discount
from 5 items from 50 items from 100 items


Let's say you add 3 buttons sold individually and 2 packs of 100 snaps to your cart. This makes a total of 5 items, which qualifies you for the 3% discount.

If you add another 47 buttons sold individually, you reach a total of 52 items (5 previously added items plus 47 new ones), which gives you a 5% discount.

If you exceed the threshold of 100 items, for example by adding an additional 48 snap fasteners individually to your shopping cart, you will reach a total of 100 items and qualify for the highest discount of 10%.

It is important to note that both single items and packs of 100 can be combined to reach the required quantity for the discount levels. This allows for flexibility in combining your desired products to achieve maximum savings.

Additional discount options:

Another advantage of our discount system is the flexibility of combining it with other discount campaigns. The volume discounts described here can be combined with all other available discounts in our online shop. If you have a discount code, you can simply enter it in the checkout area during the payment process. This way you benefit from double savings and even better conditions for your purchases.

Discover our diverse selection and benefit from our discount system. Enjoy shopping!